About Us

Stocking a unique collection of original designs, you're sure to find a piece for yourself and anyone you're shopping for.  Created in 2015, Earl's Gurls Tshirts is operated by Demetria Mallett. We use independent artist and designers to bring our thoughts and memories to life. 

There are four collections to Earl's Gurls Tshirts:  ELT, L.M.C.C.O., U.G.L.Y. and Walking Billboards.

ELT Collection is in honor of my dad, Dr 'Earl' L Thomas. Things he said, lessons he taught me, things that were dear to him.

L.M.C.C.O. Collection is my humorous selection. Stuff that will make you laugh your cheeky cheekies off.

U.G.L.Y. is the self encouraging brand designed by 4 The Love Of It Clothing.  A reminder that U Gotta Love Yoself.

Walking Billboards Collection are walking sermons...conversation starters...a new age evangelism tool and a means of encouragement to those who wear them or read them. Tshirts Tell The Story! Some people will never pick up a Bible or step foot in a church, but they will read your shirt.

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Earls Gurls


Mrs Emma pictured with Earl's Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren

 And All The People Said...Amen!