Who is Earl?

If you asked him to describe himself, Dr. E. L. "Earl" Thomas would say "I'm just a country preacher from Arkansas with big dreams and even bigger zeal to spread the gospel all over the world".

Earl walked and talked evangelism - the winning or revival of personal commitments to Jesus Christ. He went all over the country preaching, teaching, lecturing. He wrote books, games, plays and songs. He hosted conferences and retreats. All ways to bring forth an awareness that God still loves us and wants us to love Him back. Whenever he would come up with a new avenue to spread the gospel he would say "our MESSAGE should never change, but our METHODS can be altered.

Earl never stopped dreaming and was always working on the next thing. Unfortunately he wasn't able to finish some of his ideas since he was diagnosed with leukemia    unexpectedly.  Throughout his 9 month battle with leukemia he continued to push the gospel and expressed that there was more to be done, more love to share, more Christians to encourage and more people to save. 

 We brand our t-shirts in honor of "Earl" as another means to spread the gospel...to encourage the saints...