Group FundRaisers

Need to raise some money for your group or cause? If you bring the customers, we'll bring the check!

Instead of selling pizza or candy, you can offer tshirts as your fundraiser...and who doesn't love a good tshirt?

First set a goal to reach. We'll work with you to create the selling price to help you reach your goal. Pick up to 4 designs to offer your customers and request an optional fifth design specific to your group or cause. We will create the fundraiser packets for you to distribute to your group. You set your selling period (we recommend at least 3 weeks) and final date for all orders to be submitted.    

The payment collection or shipping method can resemble the Group Orders or the Group Campaigns models. If you choose Group Orders model, you would pay Earl's Gurls the buy rate we set and you keep the profit.  If you choose Group Campaign model, we collect the monies from the individuals on our website then we will donate the raised amount to you within 2 weeks of the order closing. 

A minimum of 40 tshirts will be required to receive a payout.  If you exceed your goal we will throw in some free shirts for you to sell at 100% profit or give away at your convenience. Get your group excited about your goal and watch the money roll in.